Casa Manuel

Casa  de Renta Manuel Coipel, Habana Vieja, Havana / Cuba

Services/Prices Contact Data

Price: 25,00 CUC per night

Address: Mercaderes N° 260 e/ Amargura y Teniente Rey. La Habana Vieja

Service hours: from 12 p.m.

Contact Person: Jandro Freeman
Telephone/Mobile: +535 273 0632 / +537 867 2159

Languages: Spanish, English


Aircondition: yes


Airport pick up: yes

Internet: no



About the Casa

The hotel or Casa de Renta “Casa Manuel” is located in one of the main streets of Havana. It is just a few metres away from Old Havana where you will be enticed and enthralled by the totally different experiences of day and night life. Guests have two rooms at their disposal with a bathroom, hot and cold water, a mini-bar and air conditioning. This is accommodation where you will find privacy, security and comfort and a pleasant stay is guaranteed.

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Find the Casa de Renta Manuel Coipel here:

District: La Habana Vieja

Map: What’s nearby?


Don’t miss:

There is a Spanish fortress called Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro that guards the entrance to Havana Bay. The locals refer to it as “El Morro” for short and it is named after the rock on which it stands. The Bastion “La Cabaña”, situated right next to it, is mainly famous for being the headquarters of Che Guevara in 1959. Every night at 20:45 the Cannon-Shot Ceremony begins: soldiers wearing 18th century uniforms parade as gunners, lamplighters, flag bearers and drummers and a cannon is fired at 21:00 hours precisely. In colonial times the sound of the shot signalled the closure of the gates of the city walls – today it signals the start of Cuban nightlife!
The La Cabaña complex is now part of a historical park and, along with the El Morro fortress, houses several museums that are open to the public.

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One thought on “Casa Manuel

  1. ludo aerts

    Me he alojado 26 dias en esta casa. David es un excelentisimo mayordomo. No puede haber mejor en La Habana.

    La dueña Tania me ha chocado al mostrar una gran desconfianza. Ella me pidio pagar despues de 2,5 semanas. Ella me dijo : “David necesita dinero”. Es una gran mentira.

    Solamente despues de mi conversacion con Tania ( despues de 2,5 semanas) habia jugo y a ratos queso en el desayuno.

    Las habitaciones son buenas. En mi ultima habitacion el televisor no funciona. En la sala no hay aire condicionado. Esta sala no recibe luz del exterior.

    La entrada desde la calle es miserable.

    Por todas estas razones ya no regreso a esta casa.

    Ludo Aerts

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