Havana my way!

“Havana My Way” can offer you direct contact with the owners of the holiday apartments and other potential Cuban hosts because online booking is not usually possible in Cuba due to the lack of internet access in the country. We know it’s quite old-fashioned in this day and age, but it adds to the beauty and mystery of Old Havana to send an email or even make a phone call to book or make enquiries. Contact details are available for every venue on the website.
The hosts who have introduced themselves to you on “Havana My Way” are small private companies that have established their place independent of the state’s tourism industry. They are the ones who are proud to show you the real Havana!

Contacto para clientes que quieren presentarse en esta pagina
(contact for customers in Havana who want to be part of this website):

Teléfono +535 869 4842

Dirección de correo electrónico

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