All WiFi spots in Havana on a map

WiFi hotspots map Havana: Did you know that there are only 54 WiFi hotspots throughout Cuba? At the moment Wi-Fi access points are only available in major hotels and, as a test phase, in some public places (35 zones established in July 2015 + 19 more in November and December 2015).

WiFi hotspots – but not for free:

ETECSA access card for internet in CubaMost Cuban households have no internet access. Internet access currently costs 2 CUC per hour. In Havana cards with access codes can be purchased directly at hotels or at the office of the telecommunications company (ETECSA) in the street Obispo, the famous shopping mile in Old Havana. There are also desktop computers available for internet use.

WiFi hotspots map Havana

WiFi hotspots that can be found in Havana are shown on this map:

P.S. ETECSA’s manual

“Instruction for the use of WIFI:
1. Please, before using this card, go to settings and find the local network in your device and connect to it. Make sure mobile data, bluetooth or VPN are turned off. Notice that NOT all phones can find the network.
2. Open an Internet page through a browser. You might be warned that the page is not safe, in that case press continue or add an exception.
3. The front page should come up automatically (
4. Once you are sure you are in the front page, very gently scratch the code in your card.
5. After putting in the codes, you can access the page you like.
IMPORTANT: You need to check your email through the web to be able to send and receive mails, if you use Outlook Express or the Email icon, you will be able to receive mails but not to send, as the hotel (Hotel Parque Central) does not have a SMTP server for clients.
6. If you don’t need to use the whole time at once, you must go to the following page: to disconnect from the system. There you can check the remaining time and you need to press the logout button (cerrar sesion) to disconnect. Be sure it says you are disconnected.”