Javier City Tour

Javier City Tour invites you to breeze through the streets of Havana in a Chevrolet Deluxe Cabriolet, built in 1950. © Havana My Way, info@havanamyway.com 

Services/Prices Contact Data

Planned Excursion Price (with guide):
35,00 CUC per hour
Rental Price (with chauffeur):
Negotiable depending on duration of booking

Address: Prado y San José,
Centro Habana, Central Havana

Service hours: 24/7

Contact Person: Javier
Telephone: +537 878 3234 / + 535 829 7697

Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese


Aircondition: no

E-Mail: not yet available


About Javier City Tour:

Experience Havana in a Chevrolet! Javier City Tour invites you to gracefully roll through the streets of Havana in a real classic. The Chevrolet Deluxe Cabriolet, built in 1950, is comfortable and convenient and an excellent way to explore the city streets. Travel with us along the shores of Havana and immerse yourself in the historic romance of Havana’s architecture. The many tall buildings, which were among the highest in America at the time of their creation, the diversity of architectural styles and the colours of the facades will enthrall you. Soak up the sun and feel the warm wind in your hair in the open car as we reveal the many stories of the city’s streets, museums and places that are part of the history of Havana. If you rent our car as your personal taxi, I’ll take you to the hottest and trendiest places in Havana including private restaurants where the quality of the cuisine and service will surprise you and I will be pleased to take you to the airport when you return home. Javier City Tour guarantees you wonderful trips with safety and quality and a service that will make your stay in our country an excellent and unforgettable memory.

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Find the Javier City Tour here:

District: Centro Habana

Map: What’s nearby?

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